Dream2Move is a platform where Private Landlords, Property Owners, Estate Agents, Holiday Accommodation Owners or Holiday Agents. Anyone can Join Dream2Move Property Directory and advertise unlimited properties Absolutely FREE, with Zero Hidden Fees

You as an estate or letting agent can expand your agencies brand, increasing properties viewers and allowing more interest into renting or buying properties, land, commercial, student rooms, even holiday lodges, holiday lettings and property exchange from you when using Dream2Move Property Directory.

There’s always a property up for sale or rent and there’s always a buyer or a tenant looking for the dream home to move into or set up a business in the right location. But finding the right one can be hard and frustrating, Dream2Move is here to help your viewers find their perfect location no matter what they are looking for.

Your property listings will show your glamorous images even add a video to enhance the beauty of your listings. We have an integrated contact form so interested viewers can contact you quickly and easily at no cost. Viewers can also see whats near your location like shops, schools, parks, banks, etc to find more useful information about the community.

If you are part of a Housing Association that wish to exchange your property you may freely advertise your property to find a suitable exchange.

Property Directory Features


Your Agency

If you are an Agency, you will show in our Agency Section for users to do quick searches. If you have multiple estate agents in different area codes you can connect together.


a Property

We have made it quick and easy for you to submit properties to Dream2Move. You can submit your property in under 10 minutes, your property listing are 100% Free.


Submit Unlimited

There are no limits to how many images you can add to each of your listings. So your viewers can gaze more. An Image can say a thousand words.


Control Your Listing Features

We have provided you with plenty of features that a viewer may need to know when viewing a property.


Upload Relevant

Upload digital files of your property that allows viewers to download and print about the listing.



We all love a good video, you can upload a video production for your viewers to watch to inspire more.


Google Maps

Google Maps is integrated with your listing so your viewers can see exactly where the property is located.


Found On Social

Everyone is connected to a social media platform, that’s why we advertise your listing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Import Using
XML Feeder

Upload multiple properties to Dream2Move for other directories or property management platforms.


Live Analytics

Keep track of your viewers with our live analytics platform, track property views, news posts, visitor locations and much more.


Write News

Got something to say or like to promote, may some thoughts that could inspire others, start writings news articles today.


Complete Profile

Have complete control over your agency profile with your profile setting, display or hide your agency page, display a description about your agency and much more.

Marketing &  Development your Properties

“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people.”

Dream2Move is here to provide your agency with services that will improve your property marketing strategy and gain a larger range of viewers that are browsing for a property to rent or buy, land for there next adventure, even holiday lodges or caravans that you may have up for rent or sale. Dream2Move is not just a directory of your properties that you can list, but we also offer a unique service where we publish your properties across multiple social media platforms so your property is guaranteed to be seen by 1000’s of potential buyers or tenants.

Giving you the tools
to connect with more visitors

Our team at Dream2Move is here to help you reach the goals you have with online marking to improve the visual appearance of your online and digital branding for your estate or letting agency.

Take your estate or letting agency to the next level with our unique branding solutions, at Dream2Move we offer you a set of solutions that will generate new leads and provide a creative visual brand that will improve your online and digital appearance.

Dream2Move is more than just a Property Directory we are a Online Branding Agency with high effects.

  • Website Development
  • Property Portal Integration
  • Email Marketing Solutions
  • Creative Digital Designs
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Creations

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